Remix Video ‘Overpopulation’

The main contemporary cultural issue I chose is ‘overpopulation’. I chose this topic is because I can strongly feel the problem when I was in my hometown Shanghai. There are large amounts of people in Shanghai which include immigrants, foreigners, and indigens. Therefore, I wanted to make a remix video about what effect will be caused by overpopulation. First, I searched videos about overpopulation, and I decided to use four videos as base. I also found about twenty pictures relate to overpopulation. My opinion for this video is to remix them like a documentary film. So at the beginning, I use the scene of the earth and the animation of overpopulation, human beings are growing over the world. Then I choose two voices from different people who are emphasising the sentence ‘seven billion people are on the earth’ since this can attract people and let them feel the seriousness of the figure. After that, I chose some animation from previous videos to create transition. My opinion of this video is to reveal the negative effect of overpopulation so that after transition, I made a title to approach the topic. I inserted many pictures about terrible effects of overpopulation and at last I used a rolling title to announce the effects such as food shortage, pollution, poverty, etc. Then I used the animation video again to represent that at the end the earth might be damaged by overpopulation. I picked some scene from poverty countries and put them at the end. At the same time, I used the voice of a person from the other video to make query, ‘should we be worried? Should we be scared?’. I hope this can make people to think about this issue. On the other hand, the background video is also cut from the video source I chose.

Photo Artwork inspired by ‘The Distance of The Moon’

new                                                                        Final version of the picture

This photo artwork is inspired by the story ‘The Distance of The Moon’. At first, I wanted to use the scene that one of the character is climbing to the moon through the ladder. The whole scene is on the sea so that there must a boat. Therefore, I created a picture by using the reference of sea, boat, ladder, silhouette of people, and big moon. The big moon is my own reference picture which is the took on the fake candle. For making the picture seems more real, I also adjusted the light and shadow.


Picture inside the crystal ball

After that, I searched the reference picture of crystal ball, face and hand of a clown. I also use my own reference of light reflection on the crystal ball. The reason is we know that the story is totally created by the imagination of the author and the story must be impossible. As a result, I decided to imply the scene when the author is creating the story, considering and mastering the destiny of the characters. These objects are all in the dark environment since I wanted to show the feelings of mystery and horror that are not related to the story but inspired by it. This photo artwork helps to represent my previous assignment, to take pictures and create fake moon. For the previous assignment, I took many pictures of fake moon, but I only chose one for making present artwork because I think this one is the most adapted one.

  • Here are my own reference from last assignment:

IMG_8222 copy    Light reflection on a pot

IMG_8233 copy

fake candle in dark environment

  • Here are the reference that I found from the website:

6316850_233038002755_2 7856601-pack-of-various-people-silhouettes-Stock-Vector-silhouette-climbing-outline ladder_of_consent joker-face-wide-aspect LearntoBuildaWoodenBoat11 魔术师手-35704638 sea

Scavenger Hunt

Reflection about the trailer of ‘The Last Supper’

The Trailer I did for ‘The Last Supper’ (

Here are the three links of example trailers that relate to the trailer which I did:

The genre of my trailer is ‘classic musical’. I have watched several musicals before, and I also used the ‘Sound of Music’ as the main reference. After the investigation, I found that the most important element within the classical musical is ‘music’. As a result, the significant element I picked for my video is the sound and the music. According to my past experience, ‘music’ must be the essential part during an musical. After watching some example trailers, I tried to separate my video into two parts. The first part is to give some flashes of several shoots with quick speed, and the second part is to slow down the speed and put more narrative shoots in it. For the sound part, I chose to use the sound of drum within the first part since that sound is really quick, cadet, and it even has got strong auditory shock. However, for the sound in second part, it should be narrative. I have searched several background musics. I chose two from the internet, one is more drastic, the other one is more lyric. But then, because of the second part video is narrative and slow so that I picked the lyric background music.

Review of Understanding Comics: The Invisible Art, Chapter Four: Time Frame

The comic article “Time Frame” talks about the skills of drawing comics, especially some significant knowledges of “time”. The author uses professional key words, like “panel”, “frame”which are really interesting and remind me the Japanese comic book detective Conan. When I read comics before, I never focus on the time progress. Instead, I paid more attention on the plot. After I saw this comic article, I found that “time frame” is one of the most important details of comic books. Our eyes will move from left to right, top to bottom. Our  minds will follow the time naturally while we are reading the comics.

However, the problem of time and different ways of time representation by different cartoonists also play essential roles during the process when the readers are understanding the plot of comics. For example, the panels are able to express the time duration. The length of panel also equals to the length of time such as the time of rectangle panels is always longer than the square panels. Moreover, the large rectangle panel sometimes shows the timelessness, which is a good way to assist readers and complete the role substitution. Like this:

Screen Shot 2015-02-04 at 2.04.43 pm

Besides, the time progress also can be altered. And it can be depended on the cartoonist or the plot. Like this:

Screen Shot 2015-02-04 at 2.04.51 pm

Therefore, according to the analysis of the time frames in comics, the representation of time can be various and changeable.